Asymmetry Beverly Hills​

Asymmetry can be due to another placement problem but is often due to a baseline asymmetry that was present prior to surgery and may just be more noticeable following an augmentation. In other cases, the asymmetry or contour irregularity results from a pre-existing condition that was not corrected during the initial augmentation and is, therefore, immediately apparent once recovery is complete. Congenital breast deformities include conditions such as tuberous or constricted breasts, breasts that never developed, or chest wall deformities, such as Poland Syndrome; all of which can create problems if not identified preoperatively and accounted for during surgery.

Changes in breast contour resulting from pregnancy, weight gain or loss, or aging may lead to aesthetic issues of a previously satisfactory breast augmentation. Depending on the placement of the implants, over time you may notice sagging or displacement of the implant(s). Atrophy of breast tissue may lead to the ability to see and/or feel the implant; however, this can also occur in individuals that are very thin.

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