Do you ever wish your excess fat could be put to better use giving your the body shape you desire? If you are looking to achieve better sized and shaped breasts without implants, then fat transfer to the breasts may be the procedure for you. Dr. Schwartz recommends natural breast augmentation for his patients who want aesthetically more pleasing breasts that look and feel like your own.


For Dr. Schwartz, his breast procedures are all about patient safety and results. In order to achieve this, Dr. Schwartz uses a closed-loop fat transfer system so that the fat is taken out of the body and put back in without ever leaving a sterile environment. He also utilizes the most advanced powered, yet gentle, fat extraction and transfer machines.



Enhancement Without Implants

For women who want to add volume to their breasts without an implant, fat grafting may be a great alternative. Dr. Schwartz takes the time to place the fat into the precise areas of the breast that you want filled.

Subtle & Natural Results

Natural breast enhancement is perfect if you are looking for more subtle changes to your breasts. Using your own fat may allow for the breasts to be softer and more natural feeling after augmentation.

Refine Augmentation Results

Fat transfer is an ideal technique to combine with other breast procedures to refine your results. It can be used with breast implants to obscure obvious edges for smoother contours including “double bubble” and constricted breast deformities. It may also improve asymmetry of implants or be used during breast reconstruction to ensure that your results look and feel more natural.



The best candidate for fat transfer are healthy women who have excess fat in unwanted areas that are looking for a modest, yet natural way to increase their breast size.

Fat Removal

  • Power-assisted liposuction utilizing the SAFE Technique, is used to remove fat from your problem areas in a gentle way. This technique helps loosen fat for transfer while preserving a high number fat cells.

  • Fat can be taken from any areas of excess, but typically from the abdomen, hips, thighs, or back.

  • When we remove fat, Dr. Schwartz ensures he is sculpting the your body, so the contour is natural and attractive.

Fat Injection

  • Dr. Schwartz uses a closed-loop system, which means that instead of processing the fat, it goes into a sterile canister and is washed with antibiotics and is then immediately injected into the breasts.

  • The fat is grafted in fine, even layers throughout the breast for better access to blood supply.

  • Dr. Schwartz will shape the breast, ensuring that it has natural contours and fullness where you desire.

  • Dr. Schwartz’s closed-loop system is safer for patients and has a high transfer rate.

Fat Retention

  • Your size increase will depend on the health of the transferred fat and how much tissue is retained after the first six months.

  • On average, 50 to 70 percent of the transferred fat lives after six months. This fat is permanent.

  • Transferred fat acts as natural fat, meaning it is susceptible to changes in your weight. We recommend maintaining a stable weight to maintain consistent results.


No matter what stage of decision you are in, it always helps to get an expert’s opinion. Dr. Jaime Schwartz develop a tailored approach for each of his patients. To find out more about what your options are contact a member of his team today to setup your consultation. 

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Your consultation with Dr. Schwartz at the Beverly Hills Location is the most important step in your breast journey. Dr. Schwartz will evaluate you at his Beverly Hills location to determine if you are a good candidate for fat transfer. Additionally, you and Dr. Schwartz will discuss your aesthetic goals and review your medical history to ensure that you are healthy and a good candidate for treatment.

During surgery, Dr. Schwartz uses a gentle type of anesthesia known as total intravenous anesthesia (TIVA). Using only IV medications, you will be asleep, but more like when you sleep at nighttime. This adequate state of anesthesia does not require a breathing tube or anesthetic gas; you are essentially asleep for the duration of the procedure but breathing on your own.

TIVA medications wear off quickly and are eliminated from your body within hours after surgery. This results in a shorter time in the recovery room as well as an overall smoother experience. TIVA is also associated with less, or sometimes no, nausea or vomiting; in fact, the IV medication has an anti-nausea effect. You will likely feel good enough to go out for dinner the night after your surgery.

Dr. Jaime Schwartz has developed a combination of techniques called Rapid Recovery™ that accelerates the recovery process and helps minimize discomfort after breast augmentation. In addition to the anesthesia technique (TIVA), Dr. Schwartz may inject BOTOX® into the muscles of the chest prior to surgery and use EXPAREL® (a long-acting local anesthetic) in the muscles during surgery to produce postsurgical analgesia. Most of our patients take only TYLENOL® after their breast augmentation procedure.

Typically, patients return to work after one week and may be able to resume some exercise after four weeks and full exercise at six weeks. We prescribe medical prophylaxis for our patients, which is medication to help prevent capsular contracture if indicated.

At the Beverly Hills Breast Institute, we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art protocols to minimize discomfort, and you will feel the support from Dr. Schwartz’s nurses and team, which will be available to you 24/7 after your breast augmentation. As you and Dr. Schwartz develop your plan of treatment together, he will give you precise information on what to expect in terms of your recovery.

Dr. Schwartz is a leading scar expert who has published journal articles on this subject and has been the principal investigator for an FDA clinical trial studying breast scars and their healing and improvement. He has developed and utilizes many methods to relieve tension on the incisions, which can potentially reduce the visibility of scars. While scar formation is natural and based on your ability to heal, most scars tend to fade over time.


There is no evidence to suggest that fat transfer has any impact on mammograms. However, you should always inform your technician of your fat transfer so they may adjust your procedure if necessary.

The process of injecting fat into the breasts does not interfere with any nerves in the breasts, and it does not affect nipple sensation.

While Dr. Schwartz has a number of protocols in place to minimize pain during breast augmentation, fat transfer is even less painful. The recovery process is much more gentle for fat transfer since the muscles are not being stretched.

Fat transfer alone will not improve sagging breasts. Dr. Schwartz recommends that patients who have breast ptosis combine their procedure with his LipoLift™ procedure. Fat transfer will provide you with the size increase you desire, but the LipoLift™ will restore firmness and shape to your breasts. You can view the dramatic LipoLift™ difference in our photo gallery.

The process of injecting fat into the breasts does not interfere with any nerves or milk ducts in the breasts, and it doesn’t affect one’s ability to breastfeed.

Dr. Schwartz uses an inframammary incision to preserve the nerve functions of the breasts. Most women don’t have issues nursing with implants. However, you may experience difficulties with implants that are too large and place pressure on the ducts.