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Considering Breast Lift Surgery? What to Look for When Viewing Before and After Images

There are key features to keep your eye out for when viewing before and after images of a plastic surgeon’s breast lift gallery.

Before signing on the dotted line and committing to a breast lift surgery date with a specific plastic surgeon, it’s important to do your due research. Not all plastic surgeons are right for all patients.  Scrupulously studying patients before and after images will not only reveal the doctor’s surgical technique(s) but will help you determine if your aesthetic goals align with their experience.  There are also certain criteria to keep your eye out for when viewing before and after images.  

What is Breast Lift Surgery?
Also referred to as mastopexy, breast lift surgery seeks to raise the breasts by surgically removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the newly enhanced breast contour.  If a woman is also seeking a fuller, more voluptuous look to address volume loss, breast implants will also be placed during breast lift surgery.  According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast lift surgery has effectively outpaced breast augmentation surgery 2-1 since 2000 with a 70% increase since 2019.  (SOURCE:  In most circumstances, breast lift surgery is also costlier than its augmentation counterpart.  While breast lift surgery offers long-lasting results that address skin laxity, the lifted look isn’t permanent, as the skin in the breast area, and in most areas of the body, will succumb to the hands of time.  On average, most patients will retain their surgical results between 10 and 15 years before requiring a revision.  

When conducting your breast lift surgery research and seeking the surgeon who’ll be the perfect fit for your aesthetic goals, you’re going to be viewing and analyzing a myriad of before and after images of patients who’ve undergone the procedure.  However, not all patients have the same types of breasts regarding shape, contour, sagging, etc.  So, it’s important to keep an eye out for patients who especially resembled a look close to yours pre-surgery.  Here are other key features you should look for when viewing before and after images:

  • Symmetry

Look for visual balancing between the breasts, as far as size, shape, and placement, including the location of the nipple-areola complex.  Nipples should be pointing forward, not downward.

  • Contouring

Is there an enhanced definition of the cleavage, contributing to a more aesthetically appealing curve and shape?

  • Scarring

Is scarring minimal?  Where are they located, precisely?  When performed with artistic precision, scars left by breast lift surgery are usually located below the nipple-areola complex and can be effortlessly concealed under a skimpy bikini top or demi-cup bra.  The meticulous, surgical technique will also ensure scars will eventually fade over time or, at the very least, become barely perceptible.  

  • Types of Lifts

There are a number of breast lift types, such as the Lollipop Lift (the original breast lift technique aimed to correct moderate sagging without the addition of implants), the Donut Lift (recommended for mild to moderate sagging), the Anchor Lift (recommended for severe sagging), the Crescent Lift (recommended for mild sagging), and others.  Prior to analyzing before and after pics, it’s important to know what type of lift is recommended for YOUR breast lift surgery goals and view images reflecting such.

As you can see, preparing for breast lift surgery requires doing your homework in determining which plastic surgeon will be most suitable in delivering the beautiful results you deserve.  Be sure not to rush through the crucial preparation process, ask all the questions, and address all your concerns/apprehensions.  Effective communication between doctor and patient is the first step in ensuring a successful surgical outcome that exceeds your expectations.


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