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As an expert in breast surgery, Dr. Schwartz will tailor the procedure to your needs. Your consultation is vital for allowing him to understand your concerns and goals for undergoing any procedure. After reviewing your concerns, Dr. Schwartz will examine you so that he can take into account your frame and natural shape. You will look at before-and-after photos of Dr. Schwartz’ work, and Dr. Schwartz will counsel you on his recommendations and review, in detail, all of your options to address your concerns.

It can be helpful to bring a significant other or a close friend to your consultation, and you should also bring any pictures you may have of the look you would like to achieve.


We at the Beverly Hills Breast Institute understand that any surgery is a major decision, particularly one that will permanently change your appearance. Since the reasons for breast surgery are so varied and individual, the procedure will vary as well. In all cases, we will carefully review the specifics regarding your surgical, and non-surgical, options for revision and ensure that you understand what your particular procedure will involve. You will be encouraged to take as much time as you need to make your choices, and meeting multiple times before your procedure is always an option. We will discuss your available options in detail until you are completely comfortable with your choices.

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