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Foolproof Beauty: The Vectra 3D Aesthetic Simulation is Spot-on for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Finally, you can envision the final result of your newly enhanced breasts BEFORE you even book your surgery!  The innovative 3D imaging and simulation technology provided by the Vectra 3D software system can help take the guesswork out of your breast enhancement surgery – or any cosmetic procedure – by effectively eliminating the fear of the unknown regarding final results and personal expectations.  Find out how easy it works.

Prior to 3D imaging technology, patients seeking to undergo breast augmentation surgery only had their surgeon’s previous work to help guide them in making an informed decision about their own surgery and its final results. But, with the timely revolution of the medically renowned Vectra 3D Aesthetic Simulation imagery and software machine, women can take a virtual test drive of their impending breast augmentation’s final results before even going under the knife.  Here’s how this latest technology works to help you take a more decisive approach toward your plastic surgery endeavors, eliminating the potential for unsatisfactory results and/or the need for revision surgery down the line.  

What is the Vectra 3D Aesthetic Simulation?

Developed by Canfield Imaging Systems, a leading industry provider of clinical imaging systems, the Vectra 3D Aesthetic Simulation system and its accompanying Sculptor Software help doctors and their patients by providing realistic, visual expectations of a patient’s upcoming surgery.  Starting with capturing digital imagery of the patient’s body from a variety of angles, the machine then creates a realistic, 3D model replica of the patient’s body where the surgeon can apply simulated sculpting tools that affect the size, shape, and definition of the treatment area – all right before their eyes!  Patients and their respective doctors can then make an informed decision on the trajectory of the surgery based on the software’s visual technology of projected results.  

Scans Your Body – Top-to-Bottom

First, the imaging machine will capture dozens of digital snapshots of your body from head-to-toe and from various angles.  Then, the software uses the pictures to create a custom 3D model of your entire body from every conceived angle.

Sizing Things Up

Once the software creates a 3D model of your body, Dr. Jaime Schwartz can virtually “try on” implant type (saline, silicone, “gummy bear”), including various sizes to show you exactly how your body will look with each implant type and size combo option.  No more nail-biting surgery suspense.  You can finally feel confident in your choices and have a full visualization of what to expect post-surgery.

Also, the Vectra 3D Aesthetic Simulation system can help determine what your final results will look like should you decide to go either “under” or “over” the muscle, as far as implant placement strategy.  Because the software creates a 3D image of your entire body, you can get a crystal-clear picture of what your final results will look like from every possible angle!  No more relying on images of past patients or of women with similar stature and body composition.  It’s all totally YOU – top to bottom.  

The entire Vectra 3D Aesthetic Simulation consultation is done right in-office, all on the same day, and is completed in under a few short hours.  No waiting periods, turnaround times, or multiple appointments.  If you’re considering undergoing breast augmentation surgery and wish to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jaime Schwartz, including a unique Vectra 3D Aesthetic Simulation experience, please be sure to contact our office to speak with any one of our dedicated team members.


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