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Many women feel more beautiful and confident with an aesthetically pleasing body. While a great deal of women use a variety of makeup products to add a dash of glamor to their faces, the body is often left alone as it changes with the progression of time. As women age different aspects of their bodies may change, resulting in a look that may cause them to feel insecure.

The look and feel of a breast is one such feature that may alter as a woman grows older. They may begin to sag and droop and affect a woman’s overall appearance. In cases like these or others where a woman simply dislikes the way her breasts look, there are options available to help remedy the problem.

What Is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a plastic surgery procedure that women can take advantage of to give their breasts a more aesthetically pleasing look. It can be used to give the breasts more elevation, improved contours, and a perkier look.

To provide a woman with their desired breasts appearance, your surgeon will begin by cutting off excess skin, adipose tissue, and glandular tissue to remove the degree of laxness for the suspensory Cooper’s ligaments. The surgery also moves the nipples and the areola into a more forward position to give the breasts youthful contours.

This process does not involve the use of implants while taking care to ensure that the primary functionality of the breasts, that is, lactation and breast-feeding of infants is not hampered. It is recommended, however, to avoid undergoing the procedure if you are pregnant or plan on being pregnant in the near future.

Why Do Women Undergo a Breast Lift Surgery?

A lot of women tend to undergo a breast lift procedure to obtain an aesthetically pleasing look that contains symmetrical contours and provides a more youthful look. The various reasons for this type of surgery are listed below:

• Better breast shape following pregnancy and breast-feeding
• Improved breast contours after significant weight loss
• More symmetrical breasts

How to tell if a Breast Lift Is Right for You

Most women do not know whether they require a breast lift or implants to get a better bust shape. While both processes have their benefits, a breast lift does not alter the structure of the breast from within or change the size. It is used primarily to provide a more natural lift.

It is best to consult a cosmetic surgeon regarding the type of breast lift required for your physical structure and needs. Here are some common symptoms that are better treated with a lift surgery:

• Nipples pointing downwards
• Nipples and areola sit beneath the crease of the breasts
• Asymmetrical or disproportionately shaped breasts

Life After a Breast Lift Surgery

The breast lift surgery should not take more than one to two hours to complete. After the surgery, your breasts will be covered in bandages to keep them compressed and protected. It is possible for most women to resume work, depending on their type of work, after undergoing such treatments within one week.

However, since it is a surgical procedure that involves the use of incisions, you should expect a bit of soreness. You will also be asked to change your sleeping positions, preferably lying on your back. Before undertaking any such measures, it is best to consult a reputable surgeon who will also test for any allergies and other symptoms before moving forward with the procedure.

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