There are many reasons for an individual to seek out consultation for a procedure involving the nipple/areolar complex (NAC) – whether for a reduction because of cosmetic dissatisfaction of the size and/or projection or for reconstruction of a surgically absent nipple/areolar complex following breast cancer surgery. At the Beverly Hills Breast Institute, you can be certain that you will receive the detailed attention and surgical expertise required to tailor an optimal procedure to meet your goals.


While typically performed in conjunction with a breast reduction, a nipple and/or areolar reduction may be as part of an advanced combination breast surgery, or as an individual procedure during a dedicated office visit. There are several techniques that may be employed to perform the procedure, as the procedure will reflect your specific concerns. Nipple/areolar reduction may also be performed as part of Female-to-Male breast contouring surgery.


Depending on the cancer profile, it is very possible to preserve your nipple/areolar complex during a mastectomy. However, for individuals that are unable to undergo a nipple-sparing mastectomy, reconstruction is an excellent option, should you decide this is an important component to your restorative breast surgery. Both the projection and pigment can be reconstructed using a combination of surgery and skilled application of tattoo.


Dr. Schwartz is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals without ever compromising safety; therefore, he may recommend staging your nipple/areolar procedure – especially if you have undergone several previous breast surgeries, or are considering a NAC procedure as part of a comprehensive breast reconstruction.