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Nipple/Areolar Reduction in a Female-to-Male Breast

The most important surgical procedure that provides the finishing touches to a female to male gender transformation is the creation of a male chest. This is achieved only through subcutaneous mastectomy.

The removal of the breasts makes it easier for a transgender to blend into the society and feel confident in a body of their choosing. Although, the overall procedure is similar in the treatment of gynecomastia, the execution is a bit more complicated.

For a transgender patient, the transformation from female to male demands greater precision than the technique used for gynecomastia due to the larger volume of the natural female breasts, ptosis, and the excessive skin tissue that is involved. The skin quality in such individuals tends to be loose because of breast binding over the years.

Areolar reduction is one of the five procedures performed in the transformation and can provide an appearance that is more masculine and natural. It is an essential step in the transformation process.

Chest Wall Contouring with Nipple Reduction: When Is It Needed?

When the size of the breasts are small when compared to the nipples, the transareolar technique is used. Here, the nipple size is redefined to make the appearance of the chest and nipple more proportionate. The main advantage of this technique is to offer maximum size reduction to the nipple area.

How is Nipple Reduction Performed?

Since the surgery is invasive in nature, any patient who undergoes the procedure will be administered local anesthesia. An incision is made around the nipple to remove excessive tissue. The incision is then closed with sutures.

Recovery From Nipple Reduction Surgery

The procedure is mildly invasive, but patients are free to go home soon after its completion. It is common to feel dizzy because you will still under the influence of anesthesia. Soreness is also expected, so it is better to have a friend or family member drive you home and help put around the house.

Routine activities like bathing can be resumed after two days. You can also begin driving at the same time and go back to work. Any physical contact with the area is off limits for a minimum period of two weeks.

A Few Things to Consider Before Undergoing the Procedure

The nipple reduction procedure will not commence without an official letter of recommendation from a mental health professional. It must state that the Surgery is the essential follow up step in the completion of treatment regarding gender identity and the patient’s psychological state also permits the same.

Patients who are preparing for the surgery are excluded from hormone therapy. Those who are still under a hormone therapy need clearance through a medical examination for the procedure. Another requirement is a normal baseline mammogram without which the surgery cannot proceed.

Final Appearance

Post-surgery, the nipples appear as normal as they should in a male body. A nipple graft may be required in a limited number of cases. This is a secondary procedure which involves relocating and reshaping the areolar for a more masculine appearance.

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