Pectoral Implants for Chest Contouring

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One of the most common cosmetic problems that many men face is a flat chest that is largely unresponsive to toning and body building exercises. Also, a congenital condition called Poland’s syndrome in men results in under developed pectoral muscles, leading to an asymmetrical chest region.

A lot of men around the world wish to have a chiseled and muscular looking chest that they are unable to achieve through even the most relentless strength training. For men who experience this problem, there is a plastic surgery procedure available that can be used to enhance the muscle definition of the chest.

The procedure is known as chest contouring and it utilizes pectoral implants to gain the chiseled look that men want.

What are Pectoral Implants?

Pectoral implants are used as breast prosthesis for men who are looking for a surgical contouring of their under developed chest muscles. The pectoral implants are typically designed in an anatomical shape to provide natural looking results. Also, the implants have a rough surface in order to eliminate the chances of capsular contracture.

In case you wish to achieve a fuller and rounder chest, you can go for vertically shaped pectoral implants as well. The implant size used depends on your body shape and type. You can consult your medical practitioner to determine the implant size that will be most suitable for you.

How is the Pectoral Implant Surgery done?

Once you and your medical practitioner have zeroed in on an implant that appears most natural for defining the shape and curves of your chest, you can get the operation done as an outpatient surgical procedure.

The plastic surgeon will start the procedure by creating an incision of around 2 inches in the arm pit or axilla. Your surgeon will then endoscopically insert the pectoral implants in the empty pocket below the pectoralis major muscle.

An endoscopic surgery is performed by using a thin tube with a tiny camera fitted at the end of it to help your doctor navigate through the your body through visual imaging. Since the endoscopic method involves negligible loss of blood and minimal scarring, it is the most commonly used method for chest contouring. The incision is then sutured and left to heal.

The Recovery Time

The pectoral implant surgery lasts typically for a few hours. Since it is an outpatient procedure, you will not be required to spend the night at the hospital. Your surgeon will recommend 24 hour bed rest to facilitate the process of healing and minimize bleeding.

Although, there is mild pain and discomfort in the initial days of recovery, your doctor will prescribe a few pain killers to keep the soreness at bay. You will also be required to wear an elastic compression vest to eliminate the chances of implant dislocation and also to minimize any post surgical swelling in the operated area.

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