Poor Scarring

If you are unhappy with the appearance of existing scars, Dr. Schwartz’ comprehensive evaluation can help guide you to an appropriate treatment plan to best address your concerns.

Poor scarring may be the result of having a genetic predisposition to the development of keloids, a personal history of hypertrophic/excessive scarring, or a reaction to the surgical tape/dressing applied during your initial surgery. Additionally, other risk factors for poor scarring include being a smoker or having poor nutrition. All of these factors are very important to discuss with Dr. Schwartz during your consultation so that a proactive approach can be taken during your revision surgery.

Undesirable scarring may also be the result of poorly planned incisional patterns during your initial surgery.

Understanding the cause of the imperfect scarring is the best way to minimize risk of future development of unsatisfactory scars. Dr. Schwartz will thoroughly review with you his recommendation for treatment.