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Protecting Your Beauty Investment: An Overview of Breast Implant Warranties

Because breast implants are not guaranteed for life, your aftermarket medical devices, depending on the type, make, or model, all come with basic warranties and extended warranty options.  

Each type of FDA-approved breast implant comes with its own unique set of warranty benefits and coverage plans in case things don’t go, well, as planned.  We’ve conveniently broken down the warranty basics of the four top makers of some of the most popular silicone and saline-based breast implants in the United States, so you can make an informed decision when planning your breast augmentation surgery and budgeting for your beauty goals.  Keep in mind, most breast implant manufacturers will not honor warranty benefits if implants were surgically placed in a medical facility outside of the United States.  


Mentor provides both saline and silicone-based implant options, including their popular MemoryShape and MemoryGel models.  However, Mentor is known for its exceptional, state-of-the-art saline implants.  Here is a brief overview of their warranty options:

  • Free-of-charge lifetime product placement policy 
  • Basic, 10-year limited warranty, including $3500 toward corrective surgery
  • A replacement implant for capsular contracture cases
  • Extended warranties are available at additional costs
  • MentorPromise is an enhanced protection plan that can be purchased within 45 days of surgery for $200 and includes basic warranty benefits with the additional assurance of reimbursement of up to $2400 for surgery costs due to deflation.


The FDA-approved, high-end saline implants manufactured by Sientra are designed to enhance the position of the breasts for the most natural look and feel.  Though durable with limited reported complications, Sientra offers:

  • Free lifetime replacement irrespective of complications
  • 20 years of up to $5000 for uncovered surgery costs and fees for implant rupture and costs for primary revision augmentation and reconstruction


A trusted leader in cosmetic-grade products and devices, including Botox® and breast implants, Allergan is prized in the plastic surgery industry for manufacturing some of the most durable, long-lasting implants.  Their extensive catalog of varying heights, gel thickness, and textured shells provide plastic surgeons and their discerning patients’ endless possibilities when designing a patient’s new aesthetic look.  

  • All implant purchases are automatically enrolled in the ConfidentPlus lifetime warranty program.
  • Allergan Natrelle implants are FDA-approved for use in women 22 years of age and older for most reconstruction purposes.
  • 10 years of coverage for up to $3500 for replacement surgery following original breast augmentation surgery
  • Coverage for specific, out-of-pocket costs of revision surgery/replacement due to capsular contracture complications
  • Lifetime product replacement for most implant options, especially due to unforeseen rupture and deflation


Ideal only manufactures saline breast implants.  Their “ideal” implant is a unique, “multi-layered” saline implant designed to look and feel more like their bestselling silicone counterparts.  Their basic coverage highlights include:

  • Lifetime implant replacement for deflation and 10 years of implant replacement due to capsular contracture.  
  • Will reimburse up to $3500 if implant(s) deflates within the first 10 years
  • No reimbursement due to capsular contracture issues
  • Premium warranty will reimburse up to $10,000 within the first 60 days of surgery due for post-op events (bleeding, infection, blood clots, anesthesia issues, wound healing issues, etc.) and are subject to pre-determined evaluation.
  • Premium warranty will also compensate up to $5000 for implant deflation, capsular contracture, scarring, or other post-op occurrences for life.
  • Premium warranty option requires purchasing prior to surgery with a cost of $189 for primary breast augmentation surgery and $249 for implant revision/exchange and includes an annual renewal fee of $79.  
  • Premium warranty includes basic warranty benefits PLUS lifetime implant replacement for deflation and 10 years of implant replacement for capsular contracture.  


As you can see, each of the four major manufacturers of breast implants offers their own unique warranty benefits and coverage plans, with some similarities, for both basic and enhanced options.  Most guarantee their implants for up to 10 years, while Sientra is the only manufacturer that offers an unprecedented 20-year guarantee.  Be sure to have your doctor’s product specialist go over all the “fine print,” including exclusions and conditions, before signing on the dotted line.  While warranty details are important, they shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor in choosing an implant for your breast augmentation or revision surgery.  We recommend basing your decision on the kind/type of implant that offers the look and feel you desire, as opposed to warranty policy alone.


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