The Anchor Incision Breast Lift

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Women all around the world want their breasts to remain firm and healthy looking. With age, however, maintaining firm breasts can be difficult, maybe even impossible for some. Sagging breasts often affect a woman’s confidence, but with a breast lift, women can reclaim their youthful looks and feel confident in their appearance.

Breast Lifts are used to reshape the breasts to make them look perkier and more youthful. A breast lift can a patient experience positive results and help women all over attain the look they desire.

When is it time for a breast lift?

Some of the most common signs that indicate that it is time for a breast lift include downward pointing nipples, nipples that sit below the natural crease under the breast, and asymmetrical or unusual breast shape.

All of these signs may be a direct result of aging. While many women do not notice significant sagging, the ones that do consider a breast lift as an easy solution. A breast lift can restore the shape of the breasts and make them perky again.

The Procedure

There are 3 main types of breast lift surgery. They Include:

• Crescent Breast Lift
• Benelli Lift (peri-areolar) or Benelli-Lollipop (keyhole)
• Full Mastopexy (anchor)

We will take a closer look at the most comprehensive of these procedures – the full mastopexy or the anchor breast lift.

Anchor Breast Lift

During an anchor breast lift, the patient is put under using general anesthesia. The surgeon makes markings for where the incisions are made. Once the markings are done, the surgeon will make incisions from the bottom of the areola to the bottom of the breast and across it. This forms an anchor shape, thus giving the procedure its name.

Full Mastopexy

Once the incisions are made, the nipple is removed and skin is tightened to meet the desired results. Excessive fat and skin tissue is also removed and the nipple is re-positioned before the incisions are closed. The full mastopexy is the most common breast lift procedure and takes around 1-3 hours to perform.

Some patients opt for a breast augmentation along with their breast lift. This can make the breasts appear more full and shapely. When you combine the procedure with abreast augmentation, the procedure will take longer to complete.


Breast lifts are outpatient procedures and you will be able to return home soon after the surgery. Patients might feel dizzy immediately after the surgery due to the effects of the sedation, but it will wear off in time. You should make arrangements for transportation after the surgery to make sure you arrive home safely.

During recovery, patients will be prescribed pain medication for a certain amount of time. Patients must also sleep on their backs for the first few weeks after the surgery. Most patients are able to return to work within two weeks after undergoing the procedure and resume daily activities the day after the surgery. Heavy exercise must be avoided for at least 2 months.


The results of a breast lift are permanent, but the natural aging process will still take place. Weight fluctuations and future pregnancies can have an impact on the results. This is why patients are advised to be at their ideal weight before getting the procedure done.

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